Pre-Race Essentials

As I come off the high of running 10 miles through the Chicago skyline, I start to taper off for this Sunday’s Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon. With this being my second half-marathon, I feel the pressure to beat my time from last years race while trying not to get too cocky! Last year, I was scared out of my mind, didn’t know what to expect and not quite sure how I would feel afterwards. This year most of those fears are gone and I am looking forward to getting out there and enjoying the miles! While the weeks and weeks of training and countless miles are a must, there are plenty of little factors that can help as well. And while it’s not rocket science, sometimes reminders can help! I run for fun and I am no seasoned half-marathoner but here is what helps me…

1. Guzzle up!! // 2. Stretch. I overlook this one a lot because I get so anxious to get the mileage in, but this is a big factor in preventing injury, and it just feels good. //3. Check your gear! Socks are always difficult for me to find so I have a pair reserved especially for the morning of. Also, wearing clothes that you have run in before is key to ensure that it is in fact comfortable, my favorite pieces are from Lululemon. // 4. Healthy eating. Carbs & protein! My infinity for quinoa grows a bit more before races.

If you like running to music, make sure you’ve got a great playlist and of course, sleep! I am looking forward to being apart of this race again. There is something about seeing the crowds the day of and all the positive energy that everyone is giving off. It is quite something, the running community is amazing in Chicago!



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