My Summer Theme

Yesterday, someone asked me what my Summer Theme was…great question!!

I have been thinking about it ever since. I originally said Dinner Parties with friends (potluck, etc.) and to calm down a little bit and realize that I don’t have to have everything figured out right now ( a revelation I had while reading The Everygirl’s feature on Taylor Sterling).

Dinner with friends is always an occasion! Hopefully, some more potluck dinner’s with my girlfriends from college get on the books soon before Summer flies by!

A definite “Aha” moment for me when I read this. It’s OK to not have it all figured out right now.

I am sticking to both of those but adding in Cooking. Woof. Seeing that my shirt caught on fire while cooking last month, I am not good at this. But I am always seeing recipe’s that I think I would love and I vow to give it a real chance this summer. I have had this recipe bookmarked for awhile now…so this might be my first hurdle I take on.

Here’s to seeing what I whip up and how many more shirts I ruin!

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