Weekend Recap

This past weekend was a lovely break from the routine and a chance to enjoy an extra long weekend with my friends in the city! And after a coffee fueled Tuesday, I am ready to share all the adventures. What started off as a lovely, relaxing Friday quickly changed it’s course…surprise!

Picked up some gorgeous peonies for my boss!

A lovely Friday afternoon with my boyfriend who got off work early! We laid out in a quiet and mostly cloudy spot off Lake Michigan and both got a tad lobsterish.

I need a pedicure, don’t judge.

But what really got this weekend started was agreeing to join one of my best friends at Friday night’s David Guetta concert. House music is not my typical go to, but I had an absolute blast and danced the night away with her! I always have a blast with her but wasn’t sure what the concert to be like. But I went with it, let down my hair (actually up, it was a sauna!) and had the best time. Take chances!!!



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